Make life fun, that is my lesson for the day. Once I got some other things in balance with a great conversation with my companion, I started to settle into my soul. I played some Gran Turismo 5, trying to race this old tub on wheels, a 1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen. I tuned it up, and no matter what I did, when I hit the breaks, this car wanted to ride on two wheels or flip over or spin out! I was getting very frustrated with it all. Well, instead of letting it ruin the day, I looked up some help online and found some tweaks I could make to the car to actually make it a real blast to drive! Having a car that usually tops out at 60 MPH really makes you appreciate the track, and appreciate when you can tune it up to higher speeds and maneuverability.

I also decided to have more fun eating today. I had a wonderful breakfast from Panera Bread. Then for dinner/lunch I decided to go all out. A Pizza Extravaganza from Domnios, with toppings including Beef, Sausage, peperoni, onion, mushroom, olive and tomato! I think even more may have been on it. Oh and it was delicious! I savored every bite, and was happy as I ate. I only ate two slices, as to not over-stuff myself. I went in with the intention of losing weight even while eating this. Later on, I did a good workout on the Wii Fit for more than my usual. After that, I weighed myself on the scale to see I actually LOST weight even after indulging in some delicious food today! You have to make life fun to get the most of it!