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Make life fun

Make life fun, that is my lesson for the day. Once I got some other things in balance with a great conversation with my companion, I started to settle into my soul. I played some Gran Turismo 5, trying to race this old tub on wheels, a 1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen. I tuned it up, and no matter what I did, when I hit the breaks, this car wanted to ride on two wheels or flip over or spin out! I was getting very frustrated with it all. Well, instead of letting it ruin the day, I looked up some help online and found some tweaks I could make to the car to actually make it a real blast to drive! Having a car that usually tops out at 60 MPH really makes you appreciate the track, and appreciate when you can tune it up to higher speeds and maneuverability.

I also decided to have more fun eating today. I had a wonderful breakfast from Panera Bread. Then for dinner/lunch I decided to go all out. A Pizza Extravaganza from Domnios, with toppings including Beef, Sausage, peperoni, onion, mushroom, olive and tomato! I think even more may have been on it. Oh and it was delicious! I savored every bite, and was happy as I ate. I only ate two slices, as to not over-stuff myself. I went in with the intention of losing weight even while eating this. Later on, I did a good workout on the Wii Fit for more than my usual. After that, I weighed myself on the scale to see I actually LOST weight even after indulging in some delicious food today! You have to make life fun to get the most of it!


Second Day

I am going to try and write in here everyday that I can.  I was very excited about this new blog. Doing the exercises to find out what my blog should be about helped me to reconnect with what I love about life. Well I felt inspired, ended up playing some Little Big Planet 2 custom levels but I just felt so disconnected from it. My spirit feels restrained and I am trying to get to the source of it. Not just that, I have not had the inspiration for work despite so many great things happening and working with some new technologies. I think for now I will try and get some more of my project done so I can see some progress. I am going to worry about the themes later and for now, just get the layout of my GUI setup with Expression Blend. I have a lot on my plate, and I better start eating it.

The first step on my journey

I am beginning my first step on this journey today. This WordPress blog shall be my personal home to add all my thoughts of the day, whatever that may be interesting me. This shall be me releasing what is inside onto the whole world. It shall also be a token of time, a place I can look back and see what I was experiencing at different points in my life.

To start with, I have suffered a great weight fluctuation this year. I have taken action this week to rectify it, losing over 7 pounds in just 5 days. The diet I was on had me eating every 2 hours, 5 times a day.

Meal 1: Egg whites with vegetables

Meal 2: 2 oz Chicken with vegetables

Meal 3: 2 oz Chicken with vegetables and 1/2 cup of brown rice

Meal 4: 2oz Talibut fish with vegetables

Meal 5: 2 oz  Chicken with vegetables

However, this all came at a cost. I was on a diet that was too strict and left me with too little energy to operate normally. While running errands during lunch, the pain became unbearable. I caved and had a delicious Chipotle Burrito, something fresh to bring me back into a normal lifestyle. I am now going to be in the habit of just eating healthier and eating less.  That burrito has satisfied me for a long time, and should be enough for the rest of my evening. I will continue to lose weight, but at my own pace.

There are other aspects of my life now that I am going to reconnect with. As I have stated in my about page, I have been getting into Shamanism since last summer, and have seen so many great results manifest from it in my life. I need to begin to meditate & journey more, and discover more of the worlds that are beyond our own. I also have a great passion for gadgets, video games and computer programming. I have recently been discovering Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Microsoft Expression Blend to create beautiful User Interfaces (UIs) inside of Windows programs.

Recently I have also been creating and playing inside of Little Big Planet 2. The first Little Big Planet was really my introduction to the PlayStation 3, my favorite of all the current consoles. While I own all the big 3 consoles, my PS3 has been getting the most attention since it’s come into my life.  I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition LBP2 back in July when it was first announced. I am so glad to experience this game now, they have made it simpler to create levels, yet you can make it all so much more complicated. I look forward to exploring it more in the coming days.

Now, I realize I have posted a lot, and my future blog posts will probably be more specific, but this is a fresh beginning to give you all a sense of my essence.

Peace be with you.