I went in tonight with the intent of travelling to the upper world to meet my Gods/Goddesses. It took some time and work to break through the clouds, and when I did, it did not last long. A being of light greeted me warmly, but let me know I had more lessons to learn first in the lower world. I descended down, ending up in a river in the forest. I floated relaxed, once again encountering the bear I had met in my past recently, who helped me control my breathing while I floated downstream, allowing the water to flow with me. In between this time it was fuzzy as I was deep into the subconscious, but the next thing I remember is my snake joining me, telling me to please drink from the river. I did, feeling that I needed to replenish my soul. If I am to continue onward, I need to keep replenishing myself. I also felt compelled to do simple meditations to relax my mind more. Healing shall be happening now within my soul.