Tonight I journeyed once more. I began as usual, descending into the cave, however tonight I took extra care to feel around and look at the outside before my descent. I had the intention tonight of learning to love myself more. For too long in my life, I had been drowning in self-hate and doubt. My previous lesson taught me to learn myself more, but I wanted an answer on how to do so. The answer, is an answer my snake guide has given me many times in the past.

Once I encountered my snake, he told me to start by just relaxing. We wandered together in the cave a bit, then I layed down on the ground, feeling the Earth around me. Soon, a small domestic cat came to us. He would get jittery and jump around and run from place to place whenever he would hear something small. I felt this message that I myself had been too jumpy, and not relaxed at all in my life. By being so tense, I have been missing out on much in life. But, even the cat knows how to relax. The cat then came and walked on top of me, and kneaded my stomach for a while. During this time, I let myself go and relaxed myself. Still, my mind would wander a bit, but I kept letting the thoughts flow out.

I then got up, and walked further into the cave with the snake and cat. I was then telepathically told to watch my breathing, and pay attention to it. I needed to take slower, deeper breaths. As I did so, I eventually encountered a monkey, balancing himself on his one arm and breathing deeply, meditating. I felt my lesson here was that even a monkey with monkey-mind can learn to relax itself. I was told to just keep focusing on my breathing, let all thoughts come and go, but come back to focus on my breathing.  Still my mind would wander. I even ended up having a dream withini this meditation. I felt myself flying, like an angel or a Celestian from Dragon Quest IX. I would fly through the clouds higher and higher. I got nervous as I broke through the clouds to the upper realm, feeling myself not read, I went lower and just enjoyed the feeling of flight. I soon then returned to my state of meditation together with the monkey, still on one arm, and the cat curled up, and the snake watching over me. The rest of the time down there, I learned to meditate, to watch my breathing, and to just relax….

Soon the drums called me back. This was my first 25 minute journey, but it was well worth the time. I never learn the lesson I quite expect when I go in with my intention, but I trust that my guides are leading me down the right path. To love myself more, I need to relax myself much more..